Joan Whalen San Diego Coronado Wedding Consultant


Wedding Packages & Services

Bride has a choice of 3 packages offered by the consultant

Bridal Packages

LOVE PACKAGE – which includes pre consultations, rehearsal and day of wedding

ANGEL PACKAGE – services are geared to 4-6 months planning plus consultations

STAR PACKAGE – Full Service plus consultations

Consultant will gladly design a special package if requested.

  • Budget Analysis - Estimation Total Wedding and Reception Costs
  • Help with choice of wedding and reception locations
  • Provide list of professional vendors
  • Set-up contracts, Time Schedules & Appointments
  • Create a checklist for bride
  • Final confirmation with vendors
  • Help with hotel reservation for guest
  • Week of wedding greeting to bride and groom and families
  • Take care of personal errands for bride
  • Coordinate rehearsal
  • Coordinate wedding and reception