Joan Whalen San Diego Coronado Wedding Consultant


Music & Musicians

Brides and Groom want their wedding day to be joyous and fun. My service will provide you with experienced professional disc jockeys, live bands, strings, pianists, organists, soloists, and additional entertainment such as strolling minstrels, steel drums, and specialty entertainers.

Wedding Music

Music for wedding:
Whether in a church, park, or beach it is important that musician(s) not only have a vast knowledge of music conducive to weddings but also carry any additional required equipment. I will provide the bride with a list of professionals, set up appointments and make sure all contractual agreements are understood along with costs.

Music for reception:
It is not only important to have great entertainment during the reception but also a DJ or band leader who is an outstanding Master of Ceremonies, possesses state of the art equipment, combined with a vast knowledge of music. Having dealt with top professionals in this field for many years I can safely guide the bride to the correct choice.