Joan Whalen San Diego Coronado Wedding Consultant


Bridal Classes


Joan Whalen Bridal Classes

Let my 25 years experience as a wedding
and event coordinator help you through the maze
of details. Each class is 3 hours.


  • Specifics to consider and look for in wedding and reception venues
  • Details involved when contracting with venues and vendors
  • Detailing and coordinating time schedules between venues and vendors
  • Understanding contracts, unforeseen costs, service charges, gratuities
  • When do taxes, special permits and liability insurance apply
  • Arriving at total cost of wedding and reception
  • How to arrange a guest and table list - Designing a room schematic
  • Setting up a complete itinerary for vendors and venues
  • Understanding Banquet Event Orders
  • Coordinating wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Coordinating reception from beginning to end
  • Setting priorities – working within budget
  • Handling stress and much more